Our Goal

We have finished the design for our Heroes' grave markers. Below is the completed marker for the first Hero, Richard B. Richardson. Our cost for this marker is $500, less than the regular cost in honor of this project. Cemetery permits and fees will range from $150-$250. We are hoping to get those costs waived when we meet with staff at each cemetery. Thanks to your donations, we have raised $11,890!! The dedication for the first grave marker and the inspiration for the project, Richard B. Richardson will be held on 10/23/2017 at Mountain View cemetery in Oakland. Our review is complete except for several pre-1950 cases that we discovered where further research is being done to determine if they were line of duty deaths. As it stands we discovered the need for ten grave markers. Four will be for Oakland Police officers and four for peace officers from the Alameda County Sheriff's Office. Two others from OPD lie in family plots with a small last name marker only. We have received permission to add a marker to the grave sites of the latter two. 

Three markers are in need of repair. The three will need to be inspected by our partner, Bras & Mattos Monument Company to determine if the repairs are possible at which point a cost can be determined.